Tuesday, March 6, 2012

4 little quarks in ToR that have me slightly annoyed. And badgers.

I think The Old Republic is awesome. I am excited to be excited about a game again. 

I am part of the 62% of ToR players not yet doing end game content. (38% of subscriptions are participating in operations) I am a level 45 Bounty Hunter on the PvP server Rakata Mind Prison. 

think the best thing Bioware can do is whatever that have planned. They have a story to tell through The Old Republic and I think the best thing they can do is not give in to all of our demands. We will spoil it for ourselves. 
We will complain until we get everything we want then complain you are handing us everything. Bioware, listen to us, we don't always what you to fix everything. We just want to know we are being heard.

That being said, here is a list of my demands. (hehe) Do with them what you will.


Here are 4 small quarks that I think need some attention in ToR. 

1. Warzones: Just 5 more seconds Mom! Being kicked out of PVP for being slow. Physically slow that is, there is still no changing the mentally slow for me. I digress. If you listen to me on Button Mashers Podcast, you have heard me mention my getting the boot from several Huttball games. I sometimes have long load screens, I had them in Warcraft too. It's me, you don't have to tell me. I know. 

 When the video for the games pops in I have 3 seconds to run down a 7 second long hallway. Or I make it to the door but the warzone is already in progress and the door is closed. With "You must exit the safe area or you will be removed from the game" flashing in red in the center of the screen. I can't get through the door, I really, really want to. I am standing right there. Open the damn door! I didn't have a chance, I'm halfway down the hall or standing at the closed door and ....loadscreen. 



Why the hell am I at the Hutta $%#@*^! Docking Station, I was questing on Voss! I get it, Huttball is on Hutta but damnit, damnit, damnit. 

Don't worry, I'll just:

take my ship to the Imperial Fleet, 
run to the Bounty Hunter docking bay, 
fly back to Voss shuttle bay, 
take the shuttle down to the planet 
& take a flight point back to the section I was questing in.

 /pant  /pant 
OK, I'm ready. 
Oh look! Warzone que is ready. 

Huttball again. 


2.  The thought of a damage meter in the future. I am torn between the good that can come from a damage meter, it is a useful tool when the user is not being a tool and the bad that is unavoidable. 

I am afraid of damage meters.
And badgers.

I feel that they are quick to judge and are unforgiving. Along with the people who worship them. 
The dps meters, not badgers. 

Why is killing the boss not a good enough result? 
Why is not killing the boss not a good enough validation that your group needs work?
Why is self governing less reliable then a damage meter? 
Why are people less more  not deserving of respect because numbers told you so.

I'm afraid of the "You must have a dps output this much to get an invite to this group". I think it is so much more then that. I fear once the damage meter is implemented, the guy calling you a noob in warzones or the operation group booting you because your damage is 120 below "required" is going to get much much worse. 

Damage meters:
Doing more dps then you > Working together as a team

I had a guildmate in my first WoW guild.  He was a well...

Once the raid leader passed out instructions like, rogue sap star and mage sheep diamond. Ok, go. 
He would step up and do his CC on the mob that he felt he could to better at CCing. Because, lets face it. He was better then everyone else. 

He would whisper people he was standing next to in cities or a pug in a dungeon and say, "Inspect me. My gear is better then yours. If something or another drops. I should get it because I'm better then you." 
And the guild leader would give it to him cause,"He's the best." He had the highest dps, so he stayed in the battle. 

I said, "The best at what? Soloing a 25 man cause that is where he's headed. No one wants to play with him."

I don't want ToR to end up like that.  I don't want the almighty damage meter to praise the high dps and and punish the rest. Having great dps is awesome & praise's to you. You did the work & did the research to be the best. 
Don't let it go to your head. Lead the team with positiveness, be apart of the team.

That guildmate I told you about, he'd have great damage for about 10 seconds. He refused to be cautious of his threat. He'd pull, he'd die, he'd complain loudly about how he was in a nowhere guild, he deserved better. 
Don't be that guy.
Do your best, encourage your teammates to do their best and the bosses will fall. 
And you won't be a...(see above photo)

3. Quest Log.  Bioware, I can't delete some quests in my quest log. It's weird, I don't like it.
Can't you fix that please? I know, I could go back and do the quests to clean them out. 

But....but.....I don't wanna!

4. My 4th complaint is Bioware, you haven't given me a 4th complaint yet. I don't judge harshly, ToR is still in its infancy. There is much greatness to come and I am as excited as a kid on Christmas. 
I won't get everything I want I know that. I also know that if I really really want something I'll still want it next patch and maybe I'll get it then. But Bioware, I will be happy with what you give me. 

Hugs and blaster fire, Moz'nahve


  1. Your first one is already being addressed as they increase the AFK timer by 30 seconds. It happens to me all the time too, you're not alone. Though your being sent to the Hutta station after that is definitely unique to you, it puts me right back where I was.

    Number 2, if I read the Summit recaps correctly, the DPS meters they're going to implement are going to show you what your own DPS is and that's it (at least to start) so you'll know your own score but have no idea what everyone else is doing.

    Third, that one annoys the crap out of me too. I hate having quests in my log that are grey and have been for 30 levels but I can't drop them and have no interest in going back to do the entire chain just to get rid of it.

  2. Thank you for filling me in. I am glad they are looking into some concerns.